OMNIPLUS OMNILIFE: Benefits, how take it, prices

In this article we will discuss in more detail what Omniplus Omnilife (OML Plus) is for, the benefits, technology and composition of Omniplus Omnilife (OML Plus).

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Omniplus Omnilife
Omniplus Omnilife

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What is Omniplus Omnilife?

Omniplus Omnilife (OML Plus) is a very complete nutritional supplement thanks to its high content of vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by the body. It also contains herbal extracts that provide benefits to all body systems for optimal functioning.

Omniplus Omnilife can be enjoyed in three delicious flavors: Orange, Fruit and Acai. In the United States Omniplus is known as OML Plus.

Omniplus Normal vs Supreme

The difference between the two Omniplus variants is the sweetener used for each. Dry Omniplus is sweetened with fructose, while Omniplus Supreme is sweetened with Stevia.

Omniplus and the current nutritional deficit 

I begin with a phrase left to us by Hippocrates «Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food».

Before referring to Omniplus Omnilife (OML Plus), it is first necessary to take a look at a growing problem that no one is unaware of, and that has to do with nutritional deficits.

This aspect is related to several factors, such as stress generated by work overload and inadequate management of worries among others.

All these factors influence the depletion of most of the body’s nutrients, especially vitamins, as important as vitamin C and minerals such as Zinc.

Distribuidor independiente Omnilife

Other aspects such as the industrialization and refining of foods, their inappropriate harvesting without having reached their optimum state of maturity, the addition of sweeteners and preservatives in their preparation, among other factors, have meant that most of the foods consumed do not retain even the smallest amount of micronutrients, minerals, vitamins and amino acids..

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These quantities are insufficient for the proper functioning of the body, thus generating many nutritional deficiencies, resulting in diseases in humans that, according to scientific studies, are caused by nutritional deficiencies.

How Omnilife and Omniplus Improve Your Nutrition

Omnilife, in response to this growing problem and need for nutrients, has developed natural quality products, which supply a large percentage of this nutritional deficiency of human beings.

For this purpose, Omnilife has used state-of-the-art technology processes to elaborate products with high efficiency and so that the nutrients found in nature reach a 99% assimilation and a fast absorption in the organism.

Miscelization Process - Omniplus Omnilife
Miscelization Process – Omniplus Omnilife

This Omnilife patented technique, known as Micellization, allows our products to achieve amazing results in a short time and permanently.

Benefits of Omniplus, what it is used for

With this in mind, Omnilife created its flagship product called Omniplus Supreme (OML Plus), which among other benefits helps us to:

  • Strengthen the immune system, helping to improve diseases caused by immune system problems such as: Polyarteritis nodosa, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, dermatomyositis and systemic lupus erythematosus. Also to people with low defenses, such as newborn children of low weight, and people undergoing chemotherapy treatments..
  • Helps eliminate asthma,
  • Allergies and viruses,
  • Colds, flu, sinusitis and rhinitis,
  • Regulates blood pressure and helps cleanse the blood, regulating triglyceride and cholesterol levels..
  • It helps people suffering from cancer or HIV AIDS, thanks to its antioxidant components that improve the body’s reaction to infections.
  • It is recommended for people suffering from anemia. It also helps people with malnutrition problems..
  • Helps to improve digestion and kidney function.
  • Aid in the recovery of wounds and ulcers..
  • It is also used to support Parkinson’s treatment..

Omniplus Omnilife Composition

Omniplus Omnilife, a dietary supplement, sweetened with stevia, is composed of :

  • Vitamin C: For the normal function of the immune system.
  • Vitamin A: Involved in the normal functioning of various organs such as the heart, kidneys and lungs.
  • Vitamin D: Helps to maintain stable levels of normal calcium in the blood and for the maintenance of bones and teeth.
  • B complex vitamins: B1, B2, B6 and B12 help in the generation of energy.
  • Vitamin E: It is an antioxidant, protecting cells from free radicals. It helps strengthen the immune system in its battle against viruses and bacteria.
  • Selenium and zinc act as antioxidants and help the immune system function properly.
  • Spirulina to improve the function of the immune system, so it helps against infections.
  • Echinacea: Useful in colds and respiratory tract infections.
  • KEP algae with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions.
  • Aloe vera gel (Aloe vera) with refreshing and soothing function for the digestive system.
  • Magnesium which is essential for metabolism.
  • Other minerals such as Copper, Calcium and Biotin.

Orthomolecular Nutrition

Omniplus Supreme (OML Plus) is part of the discipline adopted by Omnilife, known as «Orthomolecular Nutrition», a term coined by the American chemist-physicist Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1954).

This theory states that it is necessary to supply adequate and optimal amounts of vital nutrients, which may be more than enough to improve chronic and complex health disorders.

According to this scientist, this postulate is the basis for the prevention of diseases and even the total cure of diseases and the delay of aging, among other benefits.

The scientist Pauling emphasizes the need to supply the nutritional deficiencies of the organism, with nutritional supplementation, thus balancing the functions of the body’s organs, resulting in excellent health to men and women who consume them.

Omnilife’s application of these principles through its nutrients such as Omniplus Omnilife and 300 other products, offers consumers the full guarantee of the same and is reflected in the thousands of testimonials of people who have overcome many pathologies by consuming Omnilife products.

Scientific studies in 2012 proved that Omniplus Omnilife (OML Plus) can help strengthen the immune system and reduce the occurrence of respiratory infections in adults.

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How to take Omniplus Omnilife

The following are some recommendations for consumption of Omniplus Omnilife, to help the body to improve some diseases or deficiencies, enhanced with other Omnilife nutritional products.

It should be noted that Omnilife products are not medicines, they are nutritional supplements, which together with a balanced diet, change of lifestyle habits and frequent exercise, help to improve the body’s conditions:

  • Kidney stones 

For 5 days: Take 2 bottles of EGO PLANT daily.

Dissolve 3 sachets of OMNIPLUS in a 960ml bottle of ALOE BETA, take this mixture during the day for 5 days of treatment.

  • Constipation

To a 200ml bottle of ALOE BETA add half a liter of boiled water and dissolve a sachet of FIBER N PLUS, mix and take it on an empty stomach for 30 days.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon drink plenty of boiled water only (at least 1 bottle of water is recommended).

Also in the contents of a 200ml bottle of ALOE BETA dissolve one sachet of OMNIPLUS SUPREME ACAI POWDER; take this mixture before lunch and before going to bed away from food.

  • Diabetes

In half a liter of water mix 1 sachet of DOLCEVITA , 1 sachet of FIBERNPLUS 30 minutes before meals and after meals take 1 sachet of OMNIPLUS SUPREME in water..

  • Cancer

Mix one tablespoon of OMNIPLUS SUPREME and one sachet of UZO SUPREME in a 200ml bottle of ALOE BETA SUPREME. Take this mixture in the morning, prepare a new mixture for the afternoon and another one for the evening.

It is recommended to take it at least 3 to 5 times a day.

  • Myomas 

Mix one sachet of POWER MAKER, OMNIPLUS ACAI POWDER and FEM PLUS in half a liter of water and drink 1 hour before meals or 1 hour after meals.

  • To maintain a good state of health

As Omniplus helps to strengthen the immune system, its continuous use is recommended to keep our defenses at their best, to avoid getting sick frequently, or in a more serious way.

For this, it is recommended to take Omniplus dissolved in the liquid you drink most, twice a day.

  • For pets

Omniplus Omnilife also effectively helps our pets, just as it helps us to improve our immune system and nourish our body with the vitamins and minerals it needs for optimal functioning.

The consumption of Omniplus by our pets will allow them to have more energy, get sick less often, respond better to certain diseases, and have their body systems in better condition.

  • Omniplus Premium Skin Gel

Omniplus Omnilife Premium Gel moisturizes, hydrates, moisturizes and conditions the skin, provides greater protection and a healthy appearance, helps improve skin elasticity.

Its OMNIPLUS extract contains a combination of plant extracts that naturally collaborate as antioxidants, in the formation of collagen and helps increase the level of moisture.

It contains natural extracts such as: Yeast, olive leaf, arnica and wild fruits, as well as Jojoba oil.

  • Hair conditioner with Omniplus

Omnilife also has a conditioner with Omniplus extract and hydrolyzed wheat to deeply condition and moisturize hair.

It provides daily hair care, vitality, shine and softness. It is recommended for all hair types, even damaged or color treated hair.

Contraindications of Omniplus

As Omniplus is a food supplement of natural origin, its manufacturing technology allows the body to absorb the compounds it needs, and discard those it does not need.

Therefore Omniplus Omnilife has no contraindications for people of any age or physical condition.

For this same reason, the consumption of Omniplus does not cause medical problems related to excess vitamins or minerals, because the body takes strictly what it needs, excreting the excess compounds.

Can Omniplus be taken by infants or children?

Omniplus Supreme is a very complete nutritional supplement that can be used by all people of any age. So babies or young children can take Omniplus without any problem.

Omnilife has several supplements designed for the development of children, so it is recommended to use Omniplus with V-Kids, creating an ideal complement for the healthy development of our little ones.

It can also be consumed by pregnant women, helping both the mother and the unborn baby to obtain the necessary nutrients to improve their immune system and achieve proper development of the baby.

Prices Omniplus 2023

These are Omniplus Omnilife’s suggested retail prices for the year 2023:

ArgentinaBottle 940ml$ 6.070
ArgentinaBox 30 sachets$ 6.180
ArgentinaFruits Supreme 30 sachets$6.270
BoliviaFruits Evolución 30 sachetsBs 442,00
BoliviaFruits Supreme 30 sachetsBs 421
BrasilSupreme Acai 30 sachetsR$ 249,00
ChileFruits Evolución 30 sachets$ 39.800
ColombiaFruits Evolución 30 sachets$ 157.850
ColombiaOrange Supreme 30 sachets$ 157.850
Costa RicaFruits Evolución 30 sachets₡ 30.800
R. DominicanaSupreme Fruits 30 sachets$ 2.770
EcuadorOrange 30 sachetsUS$ 54,5
EcuadorFruits Evolución 30 sachetsUS$ 58,5
EcuadorOrange Supreme 30 sachetsUS$ 57,5
EspañaFruits Box 30 sachets 900ml€ 56,00
EspañaOrange Box 30 sachets 900ml€ 56,00
GuatemalaFruits Evolucion 30 sachetsQ 445
HondurasFruits Evolucion 30 sachets1.160 HNL
MéxicoOrange 30 sachets$ 685
MéxicoFruits bottle 940ml$ 695
MéxicoFruits 30 sachets 600ml$ 700
MéxicoOrange Supreme 30 sachets$ 685
NicaraguaFruits Supreme 30 sachetsC$ 1.455
NicaraguaFruits Evolucion 30 sachetsC$ 1.605
PanamáFruits Supreme 30 sachetsB/. 47,5
ParaguayFruits Evolucion 30 sachets₲ 308.000
PerúFruits 30 sachets 600 ml eS/. 205
El SalvadorOrange bottle 940mlUS$ 51,5
El SalvadorOrange Box 30 sachetsUS$ 54
El SalvadorFruits Evolucion 30 sachetsUS$ 55,5
UruguayFruits Box 30 sachets$ 2.180
Unión EuropeaFruits Box 30 sachets 900ml€ 56,5
Unión EuropeaOrange Box 30 sachets 900ml€ 56,5
Estados UnidosOrange Supreme 30 sachetsUS$ 62,16
Omniplus Omnilife 2023 Prices

Conclusions about Omniplus

For all these reasons, Omnilife has been ranked by many health professionals as the company that produces the best nutritional supplements (including Omniplus Supreme) and also the best beauty products in the world, thus improving people’s health and physical appearance.

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Additionally, Omnilife also offers you the possibility of improving your economy, converting and taking advantage of all this potential into a new and important source of income, giving you the possibility of being an independent businessman/entrepreneur of Omnilife, the best nutritional and personal care company.

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