POS system: What is it, its advantages and characteristics?

Vendiendo.co POS Billing System

Aware of all the advantages that the use of a POS system brings to a business, Vendiendo.co offers not only its fabulous point of sale software, but also all the necessary peripherals to make your sales more agile and your customers more satisfied.

Vendiendo.co POS Billing Software
Vendiendo.co POS Billing Software

Below we will highlight the main features and benefits of the Vendiendo.co POS Software.

Vendiendo.co POS Software Features

The following are the main features of the Vendiendo.co point of sale POS software:

  • POS software in the cloud provided as a monthly or annual payment service. In the cloud means that the servers and databases are located in datacenters of high security and stability, connected through the internet.

Vendiendo.co POS Software Features
Vendiendo.co POS Software Features

  • It requires a connection of less than 1 Mbps for normal operation.
  • No installation, no special or dedicated machines are needed, only a computer with a web browser such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. is required. It can run on different operating systems, such as Windows, MacOS or Linux.
  • Data travels securely to our servers in the cloud in encrypted form.
  •  It can operate with several users, with different permissions on the system modules. The management of prices, discounts and cash register closing can be limited only to the business administrator.
  • Invoicing can be done through touch screens, or through a list of products, when there are many references to take pictures of all types of merchandise.
  • The POS has modules for sales, purchases, inventories, raw materials, compound products, customers, products, reports, cash closing, sms messages, daily expenses, fixed costs, notifications, incoming and outgoing referrals, quotes, among others.
  • It is easily integrated to different types of peripherals or POS equipment.
  • Online reports can be consulted from anywhere, with only an internet connection. All reports can be exported to Excel for use in accounting systems.
  • Inventories can be uploaded to the system through an Excel template that is very easy to fill out, or through the Vendiendo.co initial inventory mobile application.
  • It has a system of delivery and redemption of points for purchases, designed for the loyalty of the business’ customers.
  • The SMS messaging module allows sending text messages to customers registered in the platform, either to promote a promotion or to send reminders.

Benefits of the Vendiendo.co POS System

Now let’s make a summary of the benefits of the Vendiendo.co POS software:

  • You can start using it quickly, because you do not need to buy equipment for hosting, nor installation, only with the user and the service key you can start working in the POS billing system, this being a clear advantage of the POS system in the cloud vs. the local POS system.
  • To start selling you only need to register the initial inventory through an Excel template, or through the Vendiendo mobile inventory application, and include some basic business data such as your company name, NIT, invoicing resolutions, etc.
  • There is no capital investment (CAPEX) in the POS software, because you do not have to buy a lifetime software, nor a server where it is installed; you make an operational investment (OPEX) as if it were a public service. Here you can also read about the cost benefit of using a POS system.
  • The information travels securely over the Internet because it is encrypted from its origin to its destination. The POS software is protected from Internet attacks by advanced firewalls in the cloud.
  • The platform’s data is backed up every four hours, and sent to different geographical locations to quickly deal with any type of contingency.
  • All data is hosted in highly specialized and secure datacenters in the United States, with operational backup 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • You receive immediate support from Vendiendo.co’s customer service team, to attend eventualities related to the operation of the platform, or simply for consultations on how to perform any type of function.
  • The main operations of sales and purchases from suppliers are managed, as well as the management of inventories of finished products, as well as those that are prepared in the business or in the form of combos (composite products).  Products with low inventories are automatically reported online.
  • Invoicing can be printed in strip format for POS printer, or in half letter format, with all Dian legal invoice requirements.
  • The integration with the bar code reader facilitates increased agility in customer service, as well as reducing typing errors by cashiers.
  • The system of points for purchases and management of promotions by SMS text messages, allow to manage customer loyalty.

Come and ask us about our POS Software, you can take advantage of all the benefits that gives you our system and associated peripherals. We distribute to Bogota and all Colombia.

POS Software Vendiendo.co
POS Software Vendiendo.co

The following video will illustrate the main systems of Vendiendo.co POS Software, so you can see how easy it is to operate and the fabulous options it offers to your business:

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  1. hola una consulta puede ser que no coinsida en mi tiket de compre
    la hora exacta en la cual hice la compra???…ejemplo……23.15 hice la operacion y me figura 22.57..gracias.

    1. Buenas tardes señor Germán, sí señor, Vendiendo.co ofrece capacitaciones remotas para poder ingresar el inventario inicial y operar completamente el sistema.

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